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Fly Fishing Knots

Surgeon's Knot

Fly Fishing Knots - The Surgeon's Knot is the ideal loop to tie on the end of the fly line to easily attach leaders that also have loops tied in them. This makes it possible to change leaders in seconds.

Surgeon's Knot

Steps to tie the Surgeon's Knot:

  1. Place the line and leader parallel to each other with an overlap of six inches and moisten this area.
  2. Create a loop with the two lines as if you are working with one line.
  3. Grasp the junction where the end of your line going to your rod and the leader meet. Pass this and your entire leader through the loop you created three or four times.
  4. Grasp all four ends surrounding the knot and pull slowly at the same time. Once the knot is tightened, trim the tag ends.

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