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Improved Clinch Knot

Fly Fishing Knots - The Improved Clinch Knot is probably the most popular knot used to attach a light tippet to small flies of size 18 and larger. This knot is the same as the clinch knot only it adds one more step at the end.

Improved Clinch Knot

Steps to tie the Improved Clinch Knot:

  1. Take the tag end and pass it through the eye of your hook, allowing at least 3 inches of tag beyond the eye. Wrap the tag end six or seven times around the line toward your leader.
  2. Next, run the tag end through the first loop above the eye, then over the coils and through the large loop you just created.
  3. Moisten the knot area with either saliva or with water from the stream. Grab the tag end and the line going to your rod and pull simultaneously, forcing the coils to form a tight spiral. Once tight, slide the tightened coils against the eye of the hook with your fingernail and assure the coils are in a uniform spiral, not overlapping each other. Clip the tag end.

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